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Re starting RTorrent

The main reason ruTorrent will stop is because it gets a torrent lock and this is caused by login errors ie: wrong password 3 times or corrupted .torrents mainly due to public trackers.
Refreshing ruTorrent will delete the torrent lock and re enable ruTorrent in most cases, here is how to do just that.
Log into your dashboard and simply click refresh under your RTorrent box.
This will work for all of your apps you have installed.
If all else fails contact support to manually remove the torrent lock but this should get you back up and running.

How to set up ratios for public trackers

To set up ratios for public trackers we recommend you set ratios to 2:1 here is how you do this
Go to settings in your rutorrent interface
Select Ratio Groups
by the side of ratio 1 set min and max % to 250 as shown

Now set default ratio group at the bottom to 1, click ok and save
When you download from public trackers right click on the torrent and scroll down to set ratio group
and select the one we just set ratio 1
This will now stop seeding when it reaches a ratio of 2:1

How to add your OpenVPN key / Windows

For Windows you need to download the  openVPN client 
Install openVPN.
In the email that we sent you there is an attachment it is your username with the extension .ovpn
so for example: meggavpn1.ovpn, Save this file to your computer.
As administrator you need to copy the .ovpn file to    c:\program files\OpenVPN\config\
Double click the OpenVPN icon on your desktop
This will start the gui it will sit in the bottom right hand side of your desktop in your toolbar.
find it and double click on it to connect to your VPN
you will then connect through a tunnel and be completely secure.

Setting up Transdroid/Transdrone

Here is our guide to set up transdrone on your android device.
select Add new server and normal custom server
give it a name anything i use the server name
server type is rTorrent
ip or host name is the server you are on eg: you do not need the https://
your username and password is the one you use for accessing your seedbox
select advanced settings
click on port number and use 443
click on SCGI mount point and enter  /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php
tick use ssl and accept all ssl certificates
voila you can now connect to your seedbox using your android device
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