These instructions will explain how to use  Kodi v17.3 “Krypton”.
1 – We have to choose a PVR IPTV Simple Client which means a basic PVR add-on for Kodi supporting play m3u playlists, streaming iptv, radio channels and EPG.
2 – To start navigate to the home screen of Kodi 17, click on TV and choose Enter add-on browser.
3 – At the new tab select PVR IPTV Simple Client.
4 – To enable PVR client we have to set up a few configurations, so click on ‘Configure’.
5 – Click on General.
6 – You can set Location to Remote Path (Internet Address) if you have a URL m3u playlist.

7 – Then click on M3U Play List URL.
8- Next enter the URL iptv channels of your M3U Play List and click OK.
If you have an M3U text file stored locally you can choose the Location to Local Path (include Local Network).
9 – Select M3U Play List URL, than navigate to your m3u file where the file is saved and choose it.
10 – After you determined your m3u file select OK then click on Enable button.

Wait a Few seconds before you can Enjoy our IPTV channels

11 – A notification of channels loaded at the top.
12 – When the program finished loading all the files, you need to restart Kodi. After restart of the app navigate back to TV and then to ‘Channels’.
13 – As a result all Channels should be listed now. You can see a bar on the right side where you can see information about the channels: Which Show is playing, also how long the show plays.
14 – If you want to pick up a package that you want to display, press ‘Options’ button to get more expanded options and click on ‘Group’ to filter the TV Packages.
You will have the ability to use ALL Channels or choose VODS (Video on Demand) provided from Meggafast and pick specific show.
15 – That’s it!!  Enjoy 

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