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How to set up Remote Torrent Adder Chrome extension

Remote Torrent Adder is a google chrome browser extension  which allows you to automatically download torrents with a right click without having the need to open up your rutorrent interface web GUI

just right click any torrent or magnet link and simply add to remote torrent adder then it will download and seed all you need to do is connect to your ftp client and download the torrent

Install the extension REMOTE TORRENT ADDER (Link)

once installed you will see a new green icon in the top right of your web browser, right click this icon and select options 

Remove the default option and then add a server you can change the name to suit your needs

The server type is rutorrent web gui

Your host is the web address of your seedbox panel eg:, you do not need the HTTPS://

The Port is 443

Tick the SSL box

input your username and password in the next 2 boxes

The relative path is ” /rutorrent/ ” exactly as this is typed without the quotes

The rest of the settings can be left 

Thats it you can close the browser tab you dont need to leave it open and it will sit there and just run in the background

navigate to your favourite torrent site and when you want to download anything just right click the download link select download with remote torrent adder and it will automatically add the torrent to your rutorrent interface then you can just ftp the file to your local pc


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