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We maintain a 99.9% uptime guarantee on our network and servers. We stand by this and therefore we compensate everyone in case of any un-scheduled issues.


Our skilled support team is available for you all the time. We usually reply in a few minutes and we are proud of it. You can contact us about anything, even the smallest problems or questions.


We have got amazing dashboard. It doesn't matter if you are an advanced user or a beginner. Our polished control panel is very easy to use and intuitive. Everything is doable with a few clicks. Our website can be used from all devices: PCs, tablets, phones, laptops.


We only use high grade carriers to make sure that latency and throughput are never put aside. Our network is a combination of highend peering deals consisting of: Level3, Telia, NTT, GTT, Zayo, Core-Backbone, Seabone and direct peering via AMS-ix, LINX, DE-cix.


All of our servers come with 1gbps port, that’s right, even the 100mbps Seedbox got 1gbps port. So you can burst through the roof & download at the speed you require. NO LIMITS.

Global Connectivity

It doesn't matter where you live or where you are. All services are accesible everywhere in the world. The only thing you need to have is access to the internet.

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